Why Us IBG

IBG Fincon is India’s most prominent provider of
Business Financial Planning Services to small and medium organization

As our customer, you’ll not only find exceptional Business Planning Services … but the critical knowledge, resources and trusted advisory you’ll need to grow your business.

Helping business owners to acquire financial security and grow their business has been our motto since we started.

And over the years, we have helped thousands of business owners to control their business financial life, sustain their business and grow.

Unique Business Financial Planning Services

Our award winning unique system is the cornerstone of all our offerings. A complete range of services: Account writing, Book Keeping, Capital Management, Business Advisory, Tax Planning, Investment Planning and Financial planning – are developed with the shared goal of helping business owners enjoys a secured and growing business financial life.

Advisory Board: Subject matter experts, industry experts and Business Leaders

IBG Fincon is proud to have senior Advisory Board members guiding our Business Financial Planning services. A profession experienced team in every area; dedicated to the success our customer- has consistently helped us deliver remarkable results

Award and Recognition

IBG Fincon is known in the Industry for the real meaningful value it brings to its customers. And this the reason IBG Fincon has earned several accolade under its belt in very short time- Indian Leadership Award for Industrial Development , All India Achievers Foundation, Outstanding Contribution to National Development , Start Up India Campaign

Growing Satisfied customers

Over 10000 plus business owners’ trust us for business financial planning services. After closely working in multiple industries, sectors and sub sectors we have amassed tremendous in-depth knowledge of a how success full business financial planning works and when you chose us to work with you to work with you, we bring that knowledge to your table.

Utmost confidentiality and security of your data

Your financial data always remain secure and confidential with us. In fact our working structure is designed in a way that no single team will have complete access to all your data. It is closely guarded with several protocols and processes.


Hundreds of business owners just like you have changed their business financial lives for the better just by taking advantage of IBG Fincon’s unique Business Financial Planning Services
Here’s what other industry experts and business owners has to say about IBG Fincon

When I started my business ,I knew everything about how to run my business .However could not grow it much with limited funds. Bank rejected my loan application due to irregularities in my accounts and omission of many important entries.IBG Fincon offered complete Business Financial Planning Solutions to me ,which incorporates basic as well as complex work .Now my books of accounts are updated at regular interval and complete in all sense. Now I have decided to avail for bank loan ………….. IBG is my savior
IBG Fincon company was recommended to me by my friend. Initially I was very reluctant to avail their services . However when I happen to meet one of their personnel, I was made aware of the growth potential Of my business, which was convincing. Today I am very happy on my decision to avail their services , and plan to thrive in next two years ………….. IBG is my Business Guru
IBG Fincon came as a savior for my business,IBG Fincon is my remote accounts department, with their core services my business documents and my account is systematically maintained and updated regularly. I am now able to track my business financials easily and plan my financial growth ……………..Thank you IBG