Innovative Business Group commenced its operations in 2006 as a small enterprise in financial Service sector with handful employees offering Book Keeping and Accounting services. Now in 2015, Innovative Business Group has successfully offered core services through flagship company IBG Fincon Solutions Pvt Ltd, a company that challenges all limits in the Business Financial Planning sector. Since its inception IBG Fincon grew leaps and bounds in its operations and within a short period it has secured trust of hundreds of independent businesses, startup companies, entrepreneurs, established companies and firms with their combined turnover scaling above INR 450 Crores per annum.

IBG Fincon now has ten branches in various cities of Maharashtra  with expected expansion all over India by 2024. IBG Fincon during this period has established itself as a standard bearer of transparency in the financial market and has strictly complied with SEBI act and directions of Ministry of Finance, Govt of India. The clients have acknowledged the services of IBG Fincon and have received proper assessment of their financial flow and received legitimate rewards as a result of Business Financial Planning blueprint provided by IBG Fincon.

With a qualified staff with decades of experience with top Banks and within Financial Services industry, IBG Fincon has achieved high level of perfection in complex matters of investments and taxes with the help of its organized work force to help clients attain sustainable financial growth which is aligned with client’s vision of their business or enterprise. IBG Fincon has constantly created higher benchmarks for itself in Financial Planning service sector.

One of the feathers in IBG Fincon’s hat of honors and achievements is its appointment as a business correspondent by “Bank of India”.