From time to time, we at IBG FINCON send you information on our latest products and services. We communicate such information by letter, e-mail or the phone and only to those who we think will find these products and services interesting and beneficial.

We do respect your privacy, and appreciate that some of you may not want to be contacted over the phone for our telemarketing activities. If this is the case, register here

Please note that by registering for the Do Not Call Register of IBG FINCON (DNCR) you shall not receive unsolicited commercial calls for telemarketing of IBG FINCON products/services, post 15 days from such registration. To ensure that you may not receive any unsolicited commercial calls, please register yourself with TRAI / Service provide for National Do not Call Registry (NDCR) for not receiving any Unsolicited Commercial Calls.

However, upon registering for DNCR, you shall continue to receive telephone calls or SMS related to transactions and payment reminders, for products/ services for which you are registered with IBG FINCON Group Company as a client. You will also receive the messages or calls if so directed by Government or any other statutory authority.>