Business Advisory

Empower your business with Next level Business Strategy, Operational road map, tools, training and every important Government Licensing, Regulatory and Registration support you would need to legally run your business

IBG Fincon helps you with insights, strategies, plan and wide-array of crucial services to achieve sustainable growth, prepare for new opportunities and mitigate threats.

How you benefit from IBG Fincon’s Business Advisory Services

Strategic planning

You will learn specific strategy that will empower your business to achieve strategic and operational goals and create lasting change in your business for sustained growth

What’s Working Now

Discover different business models, sales methods and marketing strategies that are working right now.

Business Problem Solving

You can present your business challenges related to accounting, marketing, finance and inter personal relationship. Our team of experts will weigh-in and formulate an actionable solution.

Deep Dive Business analysis

Understand your organizations Strength, Weakness, opportunity and Threat. And design a right actionable strategy to sustain and grow.

Services you can avail under IBG Fincon’s business Advisory Services

  • Expert’s guidance in legal situations like Merger, Acquisition and legal cases. You receive accurate in-depth analysis based on research and facts helping make a more informed calculative decision.
  • Market forecast – by analyzing the databank of detail information of the market and past performance.
  • Critical business services – Internal Audit, Insurance and financial services, transaction advisory services, valuation services
  • Regulatory and restructuring advisory services, development strategies, economic impact analysis, forecasting and modeling, market and feasibility analysis, business economic related counseling, spatial policy and planning analysis
  • Registration process needed for firms, Private and public limited companies, Professional and Individual to come into existence and run smoothly without any legal hassle.
  • Specific licenses from various regulatory authorities e.g. Pollution Control Board, Food and Drug Authority, Environment, Road Transport Authority, Transport, Industries, Textile, Water Resources, Finance, Higher and Technical Education etc, Standard and Rating Certificates
  • IBG Fincon offers you the opportunity to get your specific questions answered.

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