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Discover A Breakthrough Account writing and Book keeping
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IBG Fincon’s highly recognised and awarded system is designed to arm you with everything you need to quickly and easily implement world class Account writing and Book keeping practices, so that you focus your energy on growing your business

This unique, time-tested system simply works, as is evident by tens of thousands of IBG Fincon members, who have been using our system with tremendous success.

Unique Advantages of IBG Fincon’s Account writing and Book keeping system

  • Boost your business financial health – You’ll have the most updated business financial statements (income, expenses, profit and loss statements)- monthly, quarterly, half yearly, and annually –these will be your guiding lights in making every business decision involving finance.
  • Diagnose, Control and Fix loopholes – catch hold of hidden and usually ignored business financial elements that’s leaking your profits and rectify them immediately. Closely examine where your money is coming from and where it is going out.
  • Save your taxes legally – We’ll record, collect and place all your bills and entries systematically for you. You can only leverage best Tax saving options (hidden and obvious) in your category of business only when this data is handy with you at the time of filing taxes.
  • Hassle free process – No need to leave your office and kill hours and hours searching and collecting bills, searching bills for suspense entries and waiting at your tax consultant’s office. Let us do it for you, most effectively.
  • No in-house team needed – and even if you have, we’ll systemise your process, save you from costly frequent mistakes, train and educate your team, and provide you with important financial report and its interpretations.
  • File you taxes for FREE – Yes FREE. We regularly collect and record your business financial data in a highly confidential and secured format. And when it’s time to file taxes, it’s just a matter of few clicks for us.
  • Multiple Financial statements within few clicks – Are you running your business in losses or in profit? Let your financial statement be your road map.
    1.Statement of retained earnings – how much money that was made was reinvested into the company.
    2.Balance sheet – lists all the assets, liabilities, and owner’s equity of the company.
    3.Statement of cash flows – How much money came in and was paid out in a specific time period.

Imagine having all these critical financial reports at your finger tips.

These reports will be your blue print in every business decision you’ll make- whether it’s expanding your business, planning your finances, tax, investments, or managing your working capital more securely. It’ll direct your energies on the right track.

So How does IBG Account writing and book keeping system work

Book keeping

We install a highly logical, systematic yet absolutely easy system at your premise. You or anyone in your team can now place right bills at right place. Plus our relationship manager visit your office on scheduled intervals to assist you.
We educate and train you and your team on how to prepare and maintain all the business related bills and records.

Account writing

Data collection- Financial data is collected from your door step or through other electronic media.
Sorting and recording the data - Data is sorted on multiple logical parameters and handed to a team of Accountants. Accountants record the data as per legitimate accounting methods.Authorizers validate and authorize the entries
Live Accounting - Empanelled Chartered Accountants finalize the entries turning your business accounting LIVE.
Updating your accounts - The frequency depends on the nature of your business activity, monthly turnover and the specific financial year of accounting concerned.

Would you be interested to implement such a system in your organization?

In a few words, IBG Fincon is the most effective system of Account Writing and Book Keeping designed for your business success.

Surprisingly all these benefits are available to you at a special low price. All you have to do is fill out the below form or call our experts at 020-60121145

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